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Your Complete Custom Closet Solution to Redefine Your Dressing Experience

By VELART ADMIN, Mar 22 2017 09:34PM

At Velart Closets, we believe in incorporating minimalistic designs which are practical yet easy on the eye. Let’s take a look at some of the characteristic elements of our top custom closet designs prepared by our experienced in-house designers.

Aesthetically Appealing Designs that Speak Volumes

Our team of experienced designers knows the dynamics of organization, both from the inside as well as the outside. They are well-versed in the importance of striking the perfect balance when it comes to creating well-crafted, aesthetically appealing closet designs which are highly practical and provide ample space for you to store all your clothing essentials and accessories with ease.

Our designs are timeless and highly customizable to match the overall theme of the surroundings, adding a different dimension of sophistication and appeal to your home or apartment space. Through this design consideration which we consider as an essential part of our service, we help you craft your very own custom closet to redefine your dressing experience from the ground up.

1,000 Design Combinations to Match Your Unique Style

Say goodbye to generic and basic closet designs and welcome the opportunity of having your very own, custom closet designed to your exact specifications by Velart Closets. With over 100 eco-leatherette and 10 wooden textures and tones to choose from, there are countless combinations you can go for to customize the look of your entire wardrobe.

We offer both soft and dark tones and hues to suit the overall ambience and other stylistic elements in and around your wardrobe area to provide a cozy, homely and sophisticated feel. Our clients can also consult our in-house design team for suggestions to make sure the end product resonates with their lifestyle and practical needs.

For Him and for Her

We consider the needs of both males and females when constructing custom closets for our clients. This is one of the main considerations, among others, which help us come up with a highly practical design, one which allows different articles of clothing (i.e. dress shirts, blouses, suits etc.) and accessories (i.e. rings, necklaces, ties, watches etc.) to be stored in an organized manner.

We make efficient use of the concepts of compartmentalization, seamlessly incorporating dividers in drawers to keep everything clear and highly visible, minimizing the time it takes to get dressed for any and all purposes and events.

Your Solution to a Clutter-free Abode

If you too are in desperate need of revamping and organizing your closet for a much-needed and welcomed change, call us to resolve all your closet-related woes. Our talented team of designers will present you with a solution to every wardrobe problem you might be encountering on a daily basis, and will suggest you with a ton of ways to resolve them. We guarantee to provide you with quick turnaround time and excellent customer service throughout the entire process from placing your order to its installation.

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